Meet The Team

Audrey Keith

Salvage Barn Director & Salvage Coordinator

“We’re taking recycling to a whole new level. Think of how each piece of flooring was laid by hand decades ago, and then laboriously taken up by hand again, probably by me. Now it’s ready to be used again in your house! Ditto for the columns, railings, doors, and other elements we keep out of the landfill and save for you.”

Sābri Sky


Salvage Processor and Salesperson


“I love sharing ideas with go-getter, collaborative, problem-solving, curious people. Today’s carpenters, craftspeople, and artists expand the lifespan of functional, sturdy building parts, hardware, and decorative items that we’ve salvaged. I love learning about the awesome variety of styles and techniques people devised long ago. All that effort and energy in each object propels us to innovatively repurpose and re-use—or as I like to say, contin-use.”

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PO Box 2001

Iowa City, IA 52244

Salvage Barn

2401 Scott Blvd

Iowa City, IA

(319) 351-1875

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