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In 1975, a small group of individuals formed to save one of Iowa City's oldest landmarks, the First Presbyterian Church, also known as Old Brick. Friends of Old Brick, as the group called itself, saved the building from demolition and sparked a local movement that became a national model for community-based preservation action. Renamed in 1988, Friends of Historic Preservation (FHP) broadened its scope and purpose. Over the years, FHP has sponsored books on local history and preservation, rehabbed and restored historic houses in older neighborhoods, offered workshops, house tours, and other events, awarded grants, founded the Salvage Barn and Tool Library, and supported the work of the Iowa City Historic Preservation Commission.



Our mission is to honor and value the architectural heritage of Iowa City and Johnson County by preserving and protecting historic buildings and neighborhoods, and by enhancing awareness of the cultural, environmental, and economic benefits of preservation. We accomplish this through educational efforts, advocacy measures, and hands-on preservation. Because sustainability is key to historic preservation, we also deconstruct houses that are slated for demolition and then sell the architectural materials and items at our Salvage Barn, thus keeping thousands of pounds of historic and still useful materials out of the landfill each year.




PRESIDENT  Bob Miklo                   

VICE-PRESIDENT  Rachael Carlson

TREASURER  Ginalie Swaim                      



Marty Boller

Louis Tassinary

David Woodruff


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